Lazy Sunday

A Lazy Sunday stroll by the lake turned into an epic adventure when Willy was attacked by an Ice Dragon near the Medieval Castle.

The days of spring were coming to an end and the hot breeze of summer was heating his already tanned face. The last Sunday of May was here and Willy wants to enjoy it and relax. He feels lazy, but a nice stroll by the lake never hurt anybody. Humming a song he heard earlier while passing by a terrace full of people, he relished the sensation of complete freedom.

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Suzy and The Last Revolution in Ager

Suzy and Sarah live in Ager, a Utopic Country run by The Council of The Wise. The Protectors of Freedom have different ideas about how to live!

Suzy and Sarah, childhood friends and colleagues at the Ministry of Happiness, were strolling down on one of the big alleys of The Last Revolution Park. The old oak trees were blooming in the spring Sun and the willow trees were already a baby green nuance, giving a sensation of hope and rebirth.

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