Fragrance of Porto

If you want to travel, this is a great destination for a vacation. Here are some tips and tricks about Porto. Portugal’s UNESCO city, where the wine flows and the colorful buildings shine in the hot Sun. Architecture, history, nightlife, great food and drinks, Porto has them all.

Ahhh, the sunny coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and the sound of seagulls coming through the open window of my Airbnb flat. Now those are really good memories, I have to tell you.

The great UNESCO city of Portugal, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever set foot in my life so far. I don’t even know where to start describing it.

Well, to be honest, the first thing that impressed me was the insanely low fare Uber perceives there. We paid around 8 euros from the airport to our flat, a 13-14 km journey. But, be aware that those prices only apply to Uber. I’ve talked to some locals and they told me that the cab companies are 3 or even 4 times more expensive, so, you should be careful with that.

Now, the city itself is spectacular! Those UNESCO fellows have quite good tastes, can’t argue with that. From the emblematic Sé Catedral do Porto, which is an architectural masterpiece to the engineering marvel that is The Luís I Bridge.

The Clérigos Church and its Tower, the Riviera area along the river Douro, every centimeter of the city is like a postcard and I’m not kidding. Just have a look for yourself!

Probably the best thing about Porto is its vitality. The people are so nice and always smiling. There’s a summer vibe in the air that just makes you want to start dancing in the middle of the street. I actually did just that and it was awesome!

I could see myself growing old in that place and it’s a great vision!

Oh, and if you do get to Porto, don’t you dare leave before trying their world-renowned wine. You’ll never find a drink like that anywhere else. I drank a Tawny and it was like no other wine I tasted before. It had somewhat of a liqueur aroma, but more floral. It was simply amazing!

My fellow adventurers, by all means, go to this wonderful place of the world. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Author: LaurentiuStehan

Journalist, blogger, facilities professional Passionate about football, fiction writing, travel and cooking.

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