Ready, set, Prague!

If you want to travel, this is a great destination for a vacation. Here are some tips and tricks about Prague. Here, you’ll find great architecture, world renowned beer. The whole city is a giant movie set.

So, I have this buddy of mine with whom I made a deal some years ago. That deal was that we would go every year on vacation to a different city around the world, no matter what. It would be our “like in the good old days” week, 7 to 9 days of just living the life and enjoying everything it has to offer without thinking about consequences. We figured that we deserved at least that much time for ourselves from a total of 365.

2018 was the year we went to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Now, Romania and the Czech Republic both had the unfortunate fate to be thrown under the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence after World War II. But, unlike Romania, where the communist regime ordered the demolition of most of the historical buildings that were raised in the time of the Kingdom, the Czech commie leaders left their landmarks in one piece. At least for the most part.

Well, that action, or, lack of action better said, would have the end result of Prague becoming one of Europe’s main attractions when it comes to architectural beauty.

Starting with the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, you will find yourself strolling around in a city-sized movie studio. It’s no wonder those Hollywood big shots chose the capital of the Czech Republic for numerous, highly successful productions such as Hellboy, Mission: Impossible, Les Misérables, or  Casino Royale. More about that, you can find here.

I mean, the scenery in the entire Old Town Square, when you pass by the Astronomical Clock towards the Gothic Powder Tower to get to the other side of the river Vltava over the splendid Charles Bridge just makes you feel like you’re running late to a Quidditch match.

Aside from the architectural splendor, Prague is maybe one of the most vibrant cities I’ve been to so far. There are people everywhere and be sure that you will not get bored. You’ll find activities to entertain any kind of passion you might have.

The town is filled with museums and art galleries. I visited the Beer Museum where they had this interactive guided tour and where we learned about the history of Czech breweries and different types of ales. By the way, Czech beer is world-renowned, so be sure to sip a pint or two when you get there. I, myself had many more!

Then, there’s the nightlife! Now, these people really don’t mess around when it comes to partying, believe me! There are pubs, bars, and clubs everywhere around. We actually got invited to a “clubbing marathon” by some girls on the street that were handing out flyers for the event. What do you think two 28-year-old guys said to that? Well, yes, of course!

Probably the thing that I liked best in Prague was its enormous Zoo. We spent about 6 hours in there and didn’t even finish the tour. We had to go because it was closing time. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the lions because they were in mating season, but we saw a whole lot of other amazing creatures.

Ok, I think I’ve said enough. One last thing, if it isn’t already obvious, I totally recommend Prague to anyone. It’s an Adventure!

Author: LaurentiuStehan

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