Barcelona, mas que una ciudad

If you want to travel, this is a great destination for a vacation. Here are some tips and tricks about Barcelona. Capital of Catalonia, second biggest city in Spain, this is more then a city. Gaudi’s masterpiece is a can’t miss for any traveler or architecture amateur. Singing and dancing on the streets, that’s what you’ll be doing there.

Summer Sun, the Mediterranean Sea, the beach, fajitas, geometry, and a state of constant Fiesta, these are the things I think about first when I remember my trip to the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona.

This city gave me a glimpse of how life should be lived every day by everyone and I’m not exaggerating one bit! These people absolutely love life and they show it 24/7, everywhere. I’ve never been to a place where people would start an ad hoc fiesta in the middle of the street and where complete strangers would join in, dancing together, and having a great time for 15 minutes, and after that, everyone would see about their business as if nothing had just happened. That’s just crazy, but I loved it!

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