Nameless story, part XVII: The darkening of The South – 7 – Final

A Fictional, Nameless Story with a Nameless Hero. A Great Kingdom far to the South once existed. Its history is fascinating and dramatic.

-Ceartas, my dear friend, you’re finally back! Report, what is it that you have found?

-My King, it is good to be back! Indeed, I bring news, horrible news gained at a huge cost.

-Tell me, what happened? Only four of you returned.

-My King, we followed the path of your brother’s assassin to Rioghachad, but the trail grew cold. After interrogating peasants from the villages around, one of my men caught word of an informant of the Guild and he brought him to me.

-And, what have you found?

-Sire, you were right, Rioghachad was behind the regicide and we have undeniable proof now. The informant had a letter signed by the Kingship of Rioghachad. It contained the order for the assassination of our beloved fallen king.

-I knew it! My brother was a great man and a glorious king, but he was stupid to trust the Northerners. He was blinded by his dream to unite the two Kingdoms and now he rests in the dirt. But I will avenge him! I will unite the Kingdoms even if it means that I have to drown Rioghachad in its own blood!

-Sire, I know you are angry, but I think you should consult with the High Council first before you take any rash decision.

-Fuck those fat pigs! I have nothing to say to them and they have nothing to say that would interest me! They don’t care about anything else than their whores and feasts. You, on the other hand, have done a great service to your people and your king, Captain Ceartas!

-My Lord, I live only to serve Grian!

-Yes, yes, you might lose the diplomatic tongue when in my presence, Ceartas! Of your loyalty, I have no doubts! This is why, from this moment on, you are appointed as Great General of the Sothern Army! Your first order is to organize a hero’s funeral for your fallen comrades. After that, assemble your troops, give word to every General, Captain and Officer to prepare. Grian is going to war!

-My King, I am deeply honoured by your recognition! But starting a war based on just one letter might be rash!

-It is enough for me, Ceartas! All the evidence points towards those northern cowards! It is time to show them the might of Grian! Now go, you have a war to prepare!

-As you will, Sire!

King Fasach turned from his newly appointed Great General and looked out the window! It was a sunny, hot day, typical for Grian, but in the distance, coming from the North, dark clouds were forming, as if an army of Evil was assembling and preparing to engulf the entire Kingdom.

-I’m sorry brother, I know you didn’t mean for any of this, but I swear to you and all our ancestors, you will be avenged and Grian will prevail!

Great General Ceartas left the room to carry out his new orders! As he passed the huge wooden doors, a devilish smirk appeared on his face and for a fraction of a second, his eyes turned yellow, like those of a serpent! His plan was working perfectly! Now, he only had to inform his Master that everything was in place. It was just a matter of time until everything would be set for the return of Dorcha Aon.

Thus, the Great War between the brother Kingdoms was started! The Enemy of All, through his minions, lies and manipulation, managed to destroy the trust between two nations bowned by blood and sacrifice, destined to become one. They were brought to misery, death, and hatred for each other. In the coming months, after the war was in full fledge, King Fasach was killed on the battlefield by the creature that took Ceartas’s form. Only with his dying breath did Fasach realized that he was played by the enemy, but he couldn’t do anything about it anymore.

This is the history of how two great nations have become eternal rivals and how men, even if with noble intentions, can be manipulated by the forces of Dorcha Aon to do his bidding without even knowing.

Eventually, the dark forces were repelled by Rioghachad, who managed to stay pure but at a great cost. Millions have died in the Great War between the two Kingdoms and Grian will forever be known as the root of all Evil left in the world. Its lands were perverted, its creatures transformed into bloodthirsty monsters and its people were enslaved to the point that their souls were crushed, becoming simple, mindless servants to Dorcha Aon. Such happened the Darkening of the South!

The full Nameless Story is available in audio format on Spotify. Enjoy it on the run!

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