Nameless story, part X: Departing Bhaile

A Fictional, Nameless Story with a Nameless Hero. Bhaile is lost. Our Hero meets his master. A new faze is emerging.

-Damn it! They moved too slow! If we were the real criminals, we would’ve gotten away before they shut the city down. – cried Governor Ceannard

-You shouldn’t blame them too much. The Fortress was very well guarded. It would have been next to impossible to infiltrate it by any ordinary man. Lieutenant Andar is a brilliant strategist, but not even him could have prepared for this enemy. The things that attacked you were anything but normal. – said Professor Seann.

-Were those things Kelpies? I never believed those things to be real. My grandfather used to tell me stories about them when I was a little child, but I never thought they actually existed since I grew older.

-That is exactly what they are, Governor! Your grandfather was wise to teach you about them. You, on the other hand, were stupid not to believe him.

-Watch your mouth, old man! I could have you hanged by morning if I want to.

-Really now? And who’s gonna execute that order, Sir? I don’t see any King’s Guards around here. Please, calm down. I meant no disrespect, it’s just that people should listen more carefully to their elders. A lot of things could be avoided that way.

-And a lot of other things would never get done.

-Hmmm, you make a good argument, Governor.

-Whatever! I need to get back to Bhaile and get to the bottom of this. I must find out if there are more of those creatures and depart them from this world as I did with those two that attacked me.

-Oh, I’m sorry to tell you, but the two Kelpies that you battled aren’t dead. Creatures of their kind don’t die that easily, unfortunately. It takes a lot more than a stab wound to end their lives.

-Even if that’s true, they burned to death in there. We left them there to die.

-Kelpies are creatures of darkness, but they are bred in fire. It cannot harm them. The only way we can vanquish them from this Realm forever is if we destroy their creator, Dorcha Aon himself.

-Dorcha Aon? But that was King Thromach Dol Fodha and he was killed by King Darras long ago.

-Yes, that is partially true. You see, King Darras and King Thromach were just the embodiment of Sollsich Aon and Dorcha Aon. Their bodies did die hundreds of years ago, but their spirits are immortal. Dorcha Aon was constantly trying to regain his former power. Recently, he managed to come back to the Realm of the Living in physical form and now he wants to reestablish his Throne in Bhaile. That is why the Fortress was attacked today. He tried to have you killed in order to ease his way back without causing a revolt among the townsfolk. This is why you cannot go back to Bhaile anymore.

-I will not leave my people in the hands of such a demon, mage! I must go back! If I die, my death will be the sacrifice that will stir up the people and unite them against this evil. And we have the King’s Army on our side. I can send an emissary to the Capital and call for aid. The King won’t stand for one of his towns to be taken without a fight.

-Governor, no help will come from the Capital! The King has fallen to disease this morning. It was not of natural making, the plague that ended him. He was poisoned with dark magic. His physician treated him as best he could, but he had no chance of survival.

-The King is dead? He was poisoned? That is high-treason! The King’s Guard will purge the entire Kingdom to find the one who did it.

-The King’s Guard will do nothing! As their name says, they follow the orders of the King. Now, that King is Giulian Naire, the late King’s nephew, and the only male heir to the throne. As you most likely know, Giulian isn’t as noble as his uncle. Everyone in the higher circles knows that he wanted to gain control of the Kingdom and that he despised his uncle. He will have no interest in sending any kind of aid to Bhaile, nor to find the killer of his uncle. He is now concentrated on cementing his newfound power.

-Are you telling me that Giulian Naire is the one who poisoned the King and that he is working with Dorcha Aon?

-No, I do not have any proof of him having anything to do with his uncle’s death, nor of him aiding the Enemy. He is flawed at heart, but I do not think that he would betray his family and his Kingdom like that. He is, more likely, a more convenient ruler in the eyes of Dorcha Aon. His thirst for power makes him weak in front of the Enemy’s manipulations.

-The people of Bhaile won’t accept that Evil to govern them! They will fight back with all their might and they will fall to the last one if they have to before they give in to such a dark force.

-That is true, Governor! And our foe is aware of that fact too. That is why he will not show himself yet. He is more treacherous than you think. Before he even sets foot in Bhaile, he will dispose of the most loyal King’s Guards. He will either ruin their reputation and banish them, or he will simply kill them. After that, he will replace you with one of his human servants who will work towards his aid. Only after the people will be too tired and have lost all their hope, will he come and take back his throne. That gives us a little time to fight back, but we have to be smart about it.

-It seems you know a very whole lot about this, mage! How come you haven’t come to warn me, or even the King about all this? Why should I trust you?

-Because, Governor, my Order does not intrude with human politics! We only serve the Great Cause and we only fight against Evil! Even if my Order knew that something was about to happen, we also were deceived at first and failed to see who the real master-puppeteer was. We simply thought that you humans will fight against each other again, as you always do.

-So, even the great mages can be fooled! Maybe from now on you old geezers will learn not to act like you are all-knowing and wise.

-I’ll accept that remark as punishment for my earlier misuse of words regarding your intelligence, but, Governor, insult my Order again and I will not be so agreeable anymore.

-We’re almost there, Professor! – said Ionnsach.

-Good, good! Governor, welcome to the House of the Wise, your new home for a brief piece of time. You will find it most welcoming to guests.

-How come no one knows where this is, and yet, it is so close to town?

-Because it is enchanted. The spirit of Sollsich Aon blessed my kind with the power of concealing ourselves and our homes from mortals and from the servants of Evil.

-Then how come I can see it now?

-That is because you are expected, Governor. The Head of my Order sent us to get you. You have a great role to play in the war that is about to unfold.

-What do you mean, what role? And who is that man sitting on the grass so motionless?

-That, Sir, is our only hope of winning this battle! And you will have to train him to be able to save us!

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