Nameless story, part VI: The Legend of the Fortress

A Fictional, Nameless Story with a Nameless Hero. Old stories tell of a Great Fortress in Bhaile. The Governor’s Villa has a huge history behind.

-Sir, we searched the whole town, but we couldn’t find anything! The only two things in common about the murders are that all the victims were found with their throats cut and that at three of them, two unknown kids were seen in the surrounding neighbourhoods. What would you have us do, Sir? – asked the soldier.

-This cannot be possible! What kind of incompetent King’s Guard are you? The people of Bhaile are killed every day and you dare come and tell me that you found nothing? Then look harder, you imbecile! The whole town is terrorized and the people are expecting the King’s Guard to protect them! Who do you think they will hunt down first if this thing isn’t resolved fast?

-But, Sir…

-No God dammed buts! Find whoever is doing this and bring him to me alive! I will make an example out of him. These peasants will know then not to question the authority of the King’s Guard ever! Leave now, and don’t return until you solve this thing! Do you understand, Lieutenant Andar?

-Yes, Sir, Governor Ceannard!

-Good, now get out of my sight!

Lieutenant Andar turned away and walked out of the huge stone chamber and headed towards the stables.

The Governor’s Villa was the biggest and most fortified construction in all of Bhaile. It was initially constructed to be a fortress in the Old Days. From here, the proud Men of the Old Kingdom of Rioghachad would fend off the Evil hoards of beasts coming from the South. The legend says that it was here, in Bhaile, where the Old King fought his last battle against the Enemy. Ancient stories tell of how the Fortress was captured by Evil and was used as a stronghold from where it attacked and eventually destroyed the Old Kingdom.

Even so, The Old King, Darras, managed to flee from the Capital before it was overwhelmed and made his way to Bhaile. He disguised himself as one of the southerners and infiltrated the Fortress. He made his way to the same grand chamber where Governor Ceannard and Lieutenant Andar spoke. In that time, the place was known as the Throne Room of the Nathrach. The King of all that was unholy and corrupt, Thromach Dol Fodha, made his lair within these very walls.

Despite this, King Darras managed to kill a commanding officer and steal his uniform. Like this, he gained access to the Throne Room. He asked Thromach to tell his guards to leave the room because he had very important information about the King of Rioghachad to give him.

Thromach, in his arrogance, agreed. He knew the Capital had fallen and thought he would finally get the news of his rival’s death. King Darras approached Thromach and when he was just a meter away, he pulled out his sword and stabbed the King of the Nathrach directly through his heart. Because of its immense power, Thromach didn’t die instantly, but he was stunned by how his nemesis managed to outwith him. The sword pierced his body and pinned him in his throne. With his remaining powers, he caught King Darras’s head with his claws and slashed his face in half.

Both of these powerful beings died then and there. At least, their bodies did. It is said that after they expelled their last breaths, a white, pure light, came out of the chest of King Darras. He is now considered to be the first Sollsich Aon.

Thormach, however, melted into a dark, slimy substance. It emanated the most repelling smell and would burn anything it touched. He was the first Dorcha Aon, the Dark One.

These two ancient and undying souls are forever bound to each other and condemned to fight for eternity, until the End of All. This is the Legend of the Fortress!

Lieutenant Andar got up his horse and rode away. After this damned day, he could use a drink, so he thought to himself he’d go to the brothel in the peasant’s corner. No one in that part of the town knew how he looked without his King’s Guard uniform, so he could be at peace for a little while and think his next steps.

It was pouring outside and it was pitch dark. The only light on the streets was coming from the old candlelit lighting poles.

As he was galloping further, two silhouettes began to form near the stables. The girl and the boy were watching him distancing. As soon as he was out of sight, they ran inside the barn.

Lieutenant Andar heard a horse neigh far behind, but he didn’t stop.

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