Nameless story, part IV: The House of The Wise – 1

A Fictional, Nameless Story with a Nameless Hero. The professor from the House of the Wise. Revelations for our Hero.

-Help me, sir! Please, help me! She’s dying, sir! Please, help her!- the boy was shouting desperate.

Loud laughter, a white, devilish face, the lake, a girl with blond hair, blood, a blade, kelpies, all were swirling in a whirlpool of darkness and pain.

-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! – he shouted out the top of his lungs. He was sweating and disoriented. Pain rushed to his forehead and his vision got instantly blurry.

-Now, now, no need to worry! You’re safe here. Your wounds are bad, but I managed to tame them. You’ll heal in time, but your ribs will hurt until your end. – said Professor Seann.

-Where am I? – asked the man while rubbing his aching forehead, trying to make sense of his surroundings.

-You’re in the House of The Wise, friend. Professor Seann smiled warmly and widened his arms as he was about to embrace the man, but didn’t move any closer.

-What? I thought you’d take me to the King’s Guard! What is this place and why have you brought me here, old man?

-Patience, Son of The Lake, you’ll get your answers in due time. First, we must get you back on your feet. Here, drink this.

The Professor pulled out a vial containing a white, milky substance, and handed it to the man.

-What’s this? – he asked with a demanding voice.

-Oh, I think you know what it is. Your aunt, Gliche, passed you the recipe years ago, before her unfortunate departure from this realm. This is that same beverage, but a little stronger.

-What? How do you know my aunt? And how do you know about the recipe? She hardly gave it to me. She said that it was best if not everyone knew how to brew this.

-And, I assure you, she was right to say so! Come now, drink so you’ll feel better. I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The man took a second look at the vial and decided that if the strange old man wanted to kill him, nothing would have stopped him to do so. He popped the cowl of the cylinder and drank the potion. Immediately, he felt how the liquid was making its way through his inner workings and begun to feel how power was flooding him from the inside.

His aunt’s recipe was in no way as effective as this one. He was feeling as he had just woken up from the most relaxing and invigorating sleep of his entire life. He almost forgot even about the stab wounds. It was like he was a new man.

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