Nameless story, part I: A cry for help!

A Fictional, Nameless Story with a Nameless Hero begins. His simple life will change forever. An attack took place!

It was a sunny Sunday morning. A nice, cold breeze flew in thru the open window and brought with it the soft sound of little birds singing in the distance, announcing a new day!

The colorful coverlet was on the floor and the pillows were hanging in balance on the left side of the bed. The fresh air from outside filled the room and the subtle smell of burnt leaves was dissipated.

It was 6:23 AM and the man had just returned from his morning swim in the lake in front of the small wooden cabin. He developed this habit years ago. He found it to be a good way to put both his brain and his body into action before the day even started for most other people.

He was now ready to have his morning beverage, a cold concoction made from milk, peppermint, honey, and a tad of red pepper. The recipe, he got from his late aunt, Gliche. She told him that this specific beverage would open his mind and ready him for the day that was about to come.

Little did he know, there was no potion on this realm, or any other for that matter, that could ready him for what was about to come.

As he was sipping from his mug, a loud knock on the door broke the singing of the birds. Someone was shouting outside! -Open up!- the voice was roaring. -Open up! Come quick! It’s urgent, sir!-

The man was surprised! He was not used to visitors and he didn’t have many friends. Those that he did have knew him better than to come to his door unannounced. Who could it be at this hour in the morning, on a Sunday? He got up, grabbed a knife, and went towards the door.

When he opened it he saw a boy, dripping wet! He couldn’t have been more than 14, maybe 15 years old. He was skinny and tall for his age but shaking in cold and fear. He grabbed the man by the hand he had the knife in and pulled him forward.

-Please, sir, help me!

-What is it, what happened? Asked the man.

-It’s my friend, sir! I think she’s dead!

-What? Cried the man. What do you mean, dead? Where is she? What happened?

-I don’t know, sir! We came to the lake to watch the sunrise and to bathe together, but something was wrong with her.

-What do you mean?

-No time! I’ll explain later! Please, help me, sir!

-Very well, where is your friend, then?

-Right over there, behind those trees, next to the shore!

The man followed the boy and when they got thru the woods, he could see a dark silhouette laying on the ground, motionless. He went closer and saw a young girl. She was blonde and had fair skin! She seemed somewhat familiar to the man. Where did he know her from?

He leaned forward to take a better look. She was all wet and didn’t move at all so he put his ear next to her mouth. She was breathing! She was not dead, but she seemed to be unconscious. Something was wrong! What happened here?

And then it came back to him! He saw the girl at the Blue Lake Pub. Her portrait was displayed in front of the entrance. It was a missing poster! The girl was missing from home!

-I know her! I’ve seen her portrait in town! Where did you find her? Yelled the man.

At that point, something unexpected took place. He heard laughter! He turned towards the boy to see what on Earth could be funny, but the boy was just sitting there, watching him without making a sound.

The laughter came from the ground. The man shook his head in the direction of the sound and he was shocked to see the source. The girl was hysterical! She was laughing like she just heard the best joke of all time.

Then, he felt it! A cold, acute feeling was filling his body from his right-side ribs. Then, again, but this time he felt the cold a little lower. Again, this time in the back! His knife, where was it? As he was looking at the girl on the ground, he put his knife down next to him!

He could feel its blade now piercing him on the side and in his back. The cold sensation stopped and now he was heating up. He felt his wounds burning and his vision blurring. It was harder and harder to see and the laughter was now fading. With his last stroke of power, he saw the boy helping the girl get up. They were both laughing!

The last thing the man saw was the reddened blade of his knife sparkling in the boy’s hand as he and the girl were distancing, laughing together!

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